JCPenney Associate Kiosk: Features and Benefits (2024)

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JCPenney Associate Kiosk is an integral part of the in-store technology used by jcpassociates at JCPenney stores. This kiosk provides associates easy access to important information and tools that help them serve customers effectively.

In this complete guide, we will explore the JCP Associate Kiosk features and the benefits that it offers to store associates.

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Overview of the JCPenney Associate Kiosk

The JCPenney Associate Kiosk is a user-friendly touchscreen interface that allows associates to quickly look up information and perform various tasks. The main purpose of the kiosk is to empower store associates with real-time data and support so they can deliver excellent customer service.

Some of the key capabilities offered by the JCP Associate Kiosk include:

  • Looking up product details and inventory availability
  • Accessing customer profiles and purchase history
  • Performing price checks and price overrides
  • Processing returns, exchanges, and refunds
  • Managing online order pickups and deliveries
  • Locating items in the store
  • Calling for customer assistance
  • Checking payroll information
  • Viewing company news and announcements

The kiosk has a clean and natural interface optimized for the tasks that associates frequently need to perform at the sales level. This eliminates the need for associates to travel to offices or terminals in the back room for routine customer service and sales processes.

JCPenney Associate Kiosk Features

JCPenney Associate Kiosk is equipped with many features that allow associates to access information, conduct transactions and provide excellent service to customers.

1. Product Lookup

One of the most used features of the associate kiosk is the ability to look up detailed product information. Associates can search for an item by entering keywords, product name, category, brand, color, style, SKU number, or barcode.

The product page displayed provides the following details:

  • Product title and short description
  • Product images
  • Available colors/styles/sizes
  • Regular price as well as any applicable promotions or discounts
  • Inventory availability by size both online and in nearby store locations
  • Cross-sell and upsell recommendations
  • User reviews and ratings

This allows associates to get all the details about a product before serving a customer. They can also check if a desired color, style or size is in stock and locate it for the customer.

2. Customer Profiles and Purchase History

With customer permission, associates can use the kiosk to pull customer profiles that are linked to the JCPenney Rewards program. It provides access to all their past purchases across different channels, favorite styles and categories.

Viewing purchase history allows associates to understand customer preferences and make suitable product recommendations. Associates can also view customers’ wish lists and registries to suggest relevant items.

3. Price Checks and Price Overrides

Associate kiosks can check the current price for any product by scanning the barcode or entering the SKU. Associates can confirm prices for customers and ensure they are charged correctly at checkout.

The kiosk also allows associates to override prices when needed by entering manager credentials. This allows them to honor promises made to customers without relying on managers for approval.

4. Process Returns, Exchanges, and Refunds

Processing of returns and exchanges is seamless with the Associate Kiosk. Associates can use the customer’s rewards account information or original receipt for faster processing.

The kiosk guides associates through the prompts to select a return reason, print return labels, initiate refunds to the original payment method, and facilitate even exchanges. This makes the returns and exchange process much faster.

5. Manage Online Orders and Deliveries

The associate kiosk is connected with JCPenney’s buy online pickup in-store and ship to store programs. Associates can easily look up customers’ online orders by name or order number and manage order fulfillment.

For pickup orders, they can print prep tags once orders are ready. For deliveries, they can check tracking information, notify customers, and hold items for later pickup. This enables smooth integration between online and in-store order fulfillment.

6. In-Store Pickup and Delivery Scheduling

Customers can directly schedule store pickups and deliveries via the JCPenney website. Associates can easily view and manage these scheduled visits through the kiosk interface.

They can track inbound deliveries, view pickup timeslots selected by customers, prepare orders in advance and deliver orders in-store when customers arrive.

7. Store Item Finder/Locator

The Store Item Finder is a useful feature that associates can use when a product needs to be located within the store. By entering a product name, category, brand, or SKU number, associates can see details including which store section, aisle, and bay location an item is stocked.

This makes it easier for associates to guide customers to the right location or to pick and bring products to customers. This eliminates time wasted in searching for items in the sales area.

8. Customer Assistance

If associates need additional assistance while assisting a customer, they can immediately call for backup through the kiosk interface. It sends paging alerts to free associates and store leadership.

Associates can also use it to request expert assistance related to setup or installation services offered in categories like furniture and mattresses.

9. Payroll Information Access

Associates do not need to depend on office PCs or ask managers to access their payroll information. The kiosk provides easy access to pay statements, W-2 forms, tax documents, schedules, and any HR communications.

This provides helpful self-service access to payroll details and saves time for associates and managers.

10. Company Communications

The kiosk works as a useful platform for JCPenney to share important announcements, updates, and reminders with store associates. These can include initiatives like new benefits, policy changes, safety guidelines, upcoming sales promotions, store events, etc.

Associates can check the latest communications on the kiosk at the beginning of their shifts or downtime. This keeps them effectively informed and aligned.

Benefits of the JCPenney Associate Kiosk

The JCPenney Associate Kiosk delivers multiple benefits and supports associates in providing excellent customer experiences:

Increased Productivity

The kiosk eliminates the need to walk away to different systems or areas of the store to look up information, find managers or access tools to serve customers. Everything is centralized for associates which makes them highly productive.

Reduced Response Times

Since associates get quick access to product details, inventory information, and customer history, they can respond to queries and requests much faster. They do not waste time searching systems or inventory in the back.

Higher Checkout Accuracy

The ability to easily verify prices on the spot helps assure customers they are charged correctly at checkout. This capability reduces billing disputes and improves overall checkout accuracy.

Improved Decision Making

With complete access to product information, order history, promotions, inventory availability, and pricing, associates are enabled to make better decisions when helping customers.

Improved Store Communications

Important company and payroll information can be shared in real time via the kiosk. This keeps associates well-informed compared to dependence on noticeboards or printed circulars.

Increased Associate Autonomy

Functions like price overrides and order processing can be handled independently by associates without constantly depending on managers. This makes associates more self-sufficient.

Smooth Omnichannel Experience

The integration of order management across in-store and online channels enables associates to deliver a smooth shopping experience. Customers receive the same service whether they purchase online or in-store.

Higher Customer Satisfaction

The kiosk equips associates to deliver friendlier, faster, and more informed customer service. This leads to higher levels of customer satisfaction and repeat business.

Better Store Service Image

The cutting-edge kiosk technology presents a modern and tech-savvy image for JCPenney stores. Customers get an impression of smart in-store shopping innovations.


JCPenney Associate Kiosk is a valuable tool for store associates. Its ability to help associates increase productivity, improve the customer experience, and increase JCPenney’s competitive position in the retail market. Kiosk makes associates smarter, faster, and more authorized.

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